Lead-Safe Cleaning

If you have areas of your home that have or you suspect may have lead, always use the lead-safe cleaning tips below to clean the affected areas.

Use lead-safe cleaning tips to clean the affected areas.
  • Put on rubber gloves. If you don’t have rubber gloves, wash your hands well after cleaning
  • Use soapy cleaners or products made to remove lead dust and supplies you can throw away
  • Remove paint chips first. Window areas and porches often have peeling paint and lead dust.
  • Pick up paint chips you can see and throw them away in a plastic bag
  • Clean floors and window sills with wet paper towel or with another cleaning product you can throw away
  • Rinse after cleaning surfaces. Use clean water and fresh paper towels to wipe away suds. Always empty wash water down a toilet. Repeat these steps weekly or when dirt and dust appear on floors, porches, window wells, window sills, stairs and children’s play areas
  • Do not broom lead dust
  • Throw away cloths after wiping each area
  • Vacuum with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum. The KCHD has HEPA vacuums available to borrow. Call 616-632-7063



Download a PDF guide to ensure you are not spreading lead from paint chips and dust while cleaning.
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