Test Your Home

Checking the environment before lead gets into children is called “primary prevention”
and is the most protective thing you can do for your family. This web page will help you understand
what steps to take by breaking down the process of checking your house and getting hazards fixed. Click
on any of the topics below to learn how to take action. 

See this handy graphic to see the big picture of testing and fixing your house.

Your Rights + Disclosure

Federal Disclosure Rule – for both renting and selling/buying a home

Federal law requires that before selling, buying, or renting a home, buyers and tenants must receive the following from the homeowner: an EPA-approved informational pamphlet [link? https://www.epa.gov/lead/protect-your-family-lead-your-home-real-estate-disclosure], any known information about the presence of lead-based paint or lead-hazards in the home, a warning statement, and home buyers must be given 10 days to obtain a paint inspection or risk assessment at their on cost. Were these things provided to you when you bought or leased your home? Learn more at this EPA website [https://www.epa.gov/lead/real-estate-disclosures-about-potential-lead-hazards].

Know your Rights

Support for Tenants – Legal Aid of West Michigan (Check language with Legal Aid)

Program name:  Legal Aid of west Michigan

What the program does: Provides legal consultation and support to tenants facing unjust eviction and/or seeking repairs to their home.

This program is best for: Tenants whose landlord will not fix lead hazards after being asked.

Eligibility: Income limits apply. Legal Aid will also evaluate each situation to determine if they can help. Contact Legal Aid for more information.

Cost: Contact Legal Aid for fee scale.

How do I sign up? Kent County residents can call Legal Aid at (616) 774-0672. Or visit their website [https://lawestmi.org/].

Support for Landlords – Rental Property Owners Association

Program name:  Rental Property Owners Association (RPOA)

What the program does: Professional trade association that supports and facilitates members’ success in ethical real estate investment and rental property management.

This program is best for: Landlords needing professional guidance and support from peers in the industry.

Eligibility: Rental property owners, investors and associated trades.

Cost: Membership fee. Cal RPOA for current rates.

How do I sign up? Call RPOA at (616) 454-3385 or visit their website [rpoaonline.org].